Fisker Automobile is all about a man with a plan - Henrik Fisker, who announced his upstart company in 2007. Mister Fisker famously made a name for himself as lead designer for Aston Martin, and after leaving then owners Ford, he founded a own coachbuilding firm in early 2005. His first cars were re-bodied versions of the BMW 6-Series Coupe and Mercedes Benz SL 55 AMG.

By 2007, a company called Quantum Technologies had developed an extended range electric vehicle system for military applications that they wanted to put into civilian service. Fisker had perfected a design for the car we now know as the Karma, and had no powertrain for it. It was a match made in heaven and so Fisker Automotive was born in September 2007.

The company’s first order of business was to bring he Karma four-door sedan concept to the world’s attention, and they did so at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show in January, just four months after the establishment of the car company.
But 2008 was also a year of automotive crisis in America, as the Big Three had to accept government support, and in the case of GM and Chrysler ownership. Fisker took advantage of the situation and opening a second facility in Detroit.

The company originally expected to sell the Karma in 2009, as the production 2010 model was show at the beginning of 2009 in Detroit. But the company was repeatedly delayed environmental certifications, and so deliveries only began October 2011 in the US.

The future holds a great many things for Fisker, including the Karma S hardtop convertible, and the Surf shooting brake. Also worth considering are the cars to be built using the smaller and more affordable Project NINA platform. These will include the Atlantic sedan and possibly a coupe or crossover.